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Forestdale Ave. Glendora, CA 91740
805 Forestdale Avenue Glendora California 91740 US

Candy Bars have become a huge hit for every event, A Candied Moment is a fun, affordable addition to all events which will be remembered by your guests for a lifetime! Whether you need sugar free, gluten free or don’t like chocolate we can design a candy buffet that fits within your budget.

A Candied Moment is your local Candy Buffet Designer! We will be your personal candy shopper/designer using your chosen colors or theme & our training from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, experience in the floral design industry & experiences from past events, to transform your candy selections into a work of art & take your event to the next level! We can dress it all up to make it elegant or keep it fun and whimsical depending on your event.

Candy Buffets are a great fit for any occasion, allowing a guest to choose what constitutes their party favor is a fun way to make them feel as if they have had a part in the creation of your event. Think about it, basically all of your guests will be kids in a candy shop where everything is free who doesn’t love that!

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Jacqueline McKenna
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