For a couple embarking upon their wedding-planning process the internet offers an abundance of information from real-life blogs to sleek, glamor-shot-filled websites advertising any number of wedding-vendor services. In this age of instant and infinite information, the task of selecting a wedding dress, or choosing an overall theme for a wedding can quickly become overwhelming.

Pinterest – the highly popular, free Internet scrapbooking website can be the antidote to the much-lamented wedding planning fatigue. Pinterest specializes in two things: giving you a place to put your ideas, and a place to pick the brains of millions of other people by looking at their ideas.

For the uninitiated, Pinterest is a user-friendly, free website where you can easily “pin” pictures to “boards” this enabling easy saving, organizing and sharing of ideas. Here are five ways to fully utilize the organizational powers of Pinterest.

  1. See your Ideas Brought to Life
    The beauty of Pinterest is that most of the ideas you have already had, someone else has already had that same idea and done much of the legwork to figure it out! Rustic country chic wedding dress? Animal-themed boutonnieres? Star Wars inspired wedding reception table centerpieces? The odds are that there will be a board or boards on Pinterest that already contain the comprehensive elements needed to turn R2-D2 into a floral centerpiece or wedding cake.
  2. Connect with Vendors
    A cursory search of the internet is bound to return a mixed-bag of items, ranging from photos from personal wedding blogs to old websites. A Pinterest board is often much better curated in terms of featuring reliable and recent content complete with vendor details. Please note that there is no substitute for a solid referral and positive reviews when choosing a wedding vendor such as a DJ or caterer – but if when your wedding planning entails something more unique, this can be a great way to connect with specialty vendors who can deliver your specific vision.
  3. Bring Together Your Bridal Party
    Consider enlisting bridesmaids, groomsmen or other key participants in the wedding in the Pinterest Pinning game. You can invite people to become “Pinners” on your boards or to start their own – this can be an easy and efficient way to share ideas and invite feedback.
  1. Explore the Possibilities
    Pinterest does a great job of helping users find what they are looking for – even if they don’t know what they are looking for! Whether you’re early in your wedding planning process or have just hit a wall and could use some inspiration: Pinterest makes it easy to navigate its considerable wealth of wedding-themed content.

Regardless of your wedding planning process – there is something to be said for relying upon the experience of others and expert guidance. Once you have your ideas in mind, the next place to go will be reliable sources for your wedding needs – from dresses to DIY materials to vendors.

Feature image by The Aspirational Bride 

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