One of the often-overlooked parts of planning a wedding are the travel arrangements.  Transporting a wedding party including bride, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen is no small feat. There are usually multiple destination points, such as a hotel to salon, ceremony to reception, and often a detour along the way to a spot for taking pictures – all the while accommodating often unwieldy wedding dresses and up-dos—it takes some organization to ensure it runs smoothly. When the bride, groom or other member of the wedding party has special needs there are a few additional planning elements that will go into the overall planning process. Whether your wedding site is minutes away or hours away, you’ll want to include transportation in your planning arrangements.

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Here are some recommendations to help you ensure smooth sailing from point A to point Honeymoon on the special day.






Consult with an Expert:

When the bride, groom or other member of the wedding party has special needs it can pay to consult with wedding vendors with expertise in universal access strategies for transportation and logistics. This can include car services that can accommodate a wheel chair—in style. Every year brides and grooms with a variety of special needs get married—there are many wedding vendors who have experience with a range of travel options and can help guide you through your choices.

Know Your Route and Destinations:

Think about the points of travel along the way on your wedding day. If this is a destination wedding you will have more points of travel but here are some things to think about in mapping out your route and considering the stops along the way:

 Make a List of Points of Contact:

You may have your DJ, wedding florist and caterer on speed dial but what about the salon where you will be getting your hair done, or the customer service representative for the airline you will be flying (if you are flying). Make a list of all of the people who you will want to talk to about what you will need – whether it’s using a different, wheelchair accessible entrance at the reception hall or ensuring that someone will be there to meet you at the gate to transport you quickly and easily to your connecting flight. Having these conversations will ensure peace of mind and help your wedding vendors be prepared to have everything just right. Also, keep these numbers handy so you don’t have to scramble to find them in the event that you need to think fast if a complication arises.


Bridal Veil Dreams prides itself on offering wedding planning services that meet the diverse needs of every couple looking to plan the perfect wedding: from theme weddings to destination weddings, to weddings on a budget to DIY weddings: their staff of planning experts have helped couples through it all. In addition to an expert event planner, stylist and decorator—Bridal Veil Dreams has a seasoned, versatile travel planner who can help walk you through every detail of transport from start to finish.

How about using a Travel Agent who offers services to the disabled Community?  Cheryl Echevarria from Echevarria Travel ~  may not sightsee like you and I, but this hasn’t stopped her. She travels with her service dog Maxx and has learned all the ins and outs that comes from traveling often. She was 22yrs. Old when she was diagnosed with diabetic retinopothy, but this has only served to help her to understanding the planning required to create a pleasurable trip for her clients.  As a travel advocate and advisor for the special needs traveler, Cheryl has enlarged the horizons of new experiences for sensory travelers. If you’re looking for an Agent to meet these needs for you, consider Echevarria Travel.


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