Wedding registries can be complicated. Let’s take the guesswork out of them with these 10  wedding  registry tips!

  1. Take an Inventory

Before you start asking for mixing bowls when you already have two, make sure that you take inventory of what you own. That includes different versions of the same items, like every day dinnerware versus formal.

  1. Personalize Your List

Why would you include a coffee pot in the wedding registry if you and your significant other don’t drink coffee? It’s totally fine to omit items from the list that you’d never use. At the very least, be sure to prioritize the things that you’ll really want.

  1. Do Some Comparison Shopping

A lot of retailers offer perks, and then there’s discovering which ones offer the brands you’re most likely to want. Look around before you settle on the right registries — and consider having two to four based on different stores.

  1. Talk to Each Other

Does your other half care about the china? Ask. It’s up to the two of you to decide how to make things fair, but the last thing you want is for someone to feel left out of the process of registering for gifts.

  1. Consider Your Guests

You should have a sense of your guests, their budgets, and the kinds of things they’d be interested in buying. Yes, you’ll probably get better results if your older relatives are given registries for more traditional gifts. Provide affordable wedding ideas as gifts, and guests are more likely to give!

  1. Start Slow

When you first register, focus on what you want or need most. Then, once the items on your checklist are mostly checked off, you can add more. Usually, you can give guests up to a year from your wedding to buy a gift, but it helps to put first things first.

  1. Track the Registry

Retailers should have a system that tracks and updates your registry every day. Check in regularly yourself to ensure that purchased gifts are removed. Update the lists with new items as needed.

  1. Include Shipping

You can make things a lot easier for your guests if you can get the stores to ship items to a designated address. That means your guests can simply pay for the gift, rather than having to pick it up, prepare it for shipping, and drop it off at the post office.

  1. Follow the Hidden Rules

You can’t direct specific people to give you gifts, but you can let it be known that you appreciate cash gifts. Allow your registry information get spread through word of mouth. However, it’s fine to have a wedding web page with the details.

  1. Send Thank-Yous

You just got a lot stuff from a lot of people. It may be a pain, but you should send a thank-you note to each person who gave you a gift. Try to send a note within two weeks if you receive a gift before the wedding, and within a month for gifts received on or after the wedding.

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