As we approach the end of 2016 those who are planning a wedding in the New Year may want to tap the time-honored tradition of New Year’s Resolutions to guide them in their planning.  Planning a wedding is a big job and can be stressful. Here are the ten New Year’s Resolutions for brides we think are indispensable for navigating the planning process with calm and grace.

  1. Stay Grounded

This is one of the big ones. Staying grounded means keeping your feet planted in the moment and avoiding the temptation to catastrophize, worry about unforeseen or uncontrollable events or otherwise make yourself crazy trying to anticipate or plan for things that have not happened yet. This includes weather, embarrassing family members or if you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes (spoiler alert: you will!)

  1. Trust your Partner

You and your partner will not always see eye to eye on things. This can seem especially frustrating when it comes to picking building a guest list, planning a ceremony or even selecting the first dance. Resolve in the new year to practice compromise and trusting that your partner has good ideas and valid opinions – even if they don’t always mirror yours!


  1. Promise to Party

After all that planning, resolve to include these final wedding to-do items: eat, drink and be merry. Couples frequently report that after all the planning and work – they often forget to eat a bite or actually enjoy their wedding! Make a pact with your partner to sit for a few bites of dinner and definitely a slice of wedding cake.


  1. Trust your Vendors

There is a balance between speaking your mind and turning over the process. From your florist to the DJ – make sure to communicate and ask for what you want but then let them do their job. Your vendors do this sort of thing for a living: trust them to know what they are doing.

  1. Stick to your Wedding Budget

The best piece of advice for couples getting married is to draw up a budget. Staying in this budget, however, can be a challenge. Resolve this year to stick to your budget – whether that means forgoing that $5 impulse latte or looking for cheap wedding décor so you can splurge on the honeymoon.

  1. Be Kind to Yourself and to Others
  1. Ask for Help

Please bring me a coffee. Can you look this list over and let me know if you see any typos. Can you carry this for me? I am feeling overwhelmed. These are all great examples of small things you may ask for help with. If you feel overwhelmed and think you need help: ask for it!

  1. Be Honest

When in doubt, go with your gut. Don’t worry about ruffling feathers or “making it work.” Please note that this doesn’t mean saying every thought that comes to mind. It does mean communicating with your partner, family, vendors and friends about what is important and how you are feeling.

  1. Have Fun

Pouring over seating charts and crunching numbers for table centerpieces doesn’t really sound fun to most people. But if you resolve to put on some music, pour a glass of wine and enlist the help of people who make you laugh – it is possible to have fun.

  1. Treat Yourself

Trust us, a spa day here or a little down time with a good book are essential to keeping your sanity. Endeavor in this New Year to do good, nurturing things for yourself from a little yoga and aromatherapy to indulging in some comfort food when needed.

Remember that this is a brand new year! It’s a great time to start new habits, build routines and practice doing things differently. A wedding can be stressful – try to remember that the real event is your marriage and that everything else is just icing on the (wedding) cake. It will be wonderful no matter what happens. Visit Bridal Veil Dreams for to find inspiration, wedding professionals, a great selection of cheap and used wedding décor and gowns and lots of great stories from real brides.

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