Honeymooning – An Infographic

The honeymoon is such a wonderful time in a marriage. It is the period of time that you get to spend with the loved one you chose to spend the rest of your life with right after the biggest celebration of your lives! Honeymoons for the most part mean travelling to a new destination and spending quality time together relaxing after the hectic nature of the run up to the wedding.

Weddings are stressful there is no doubt about it! There is so much to think about, organize and finalize that some couples find they spend a major portion of the initial part of their honeymoon resting and getting some snooze-time (and doing some other ancillary stuff too)!

Of course there is the romantic element of the honeymoon that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a time to really connect with your chosen life partner, discuss the wedding celebrations you experienced and plan your life together.

Honeymoons are different things to different people. A honeymoon for some is a trip to a far off distance land to experience an exotic location. For others a honeymoon is just somewhere new and can be somewhere within the same country you live in. Of course issues like budget come into the equation as couples need to decide how much money they can apportion to their honeymoon experience.

This infographic from Loyes Diamonds is an interesting take on honeymoons and how you can make yours all the more perfect! It has some top tips to consider, suggestions on how to increase the romance and also ideas for changing up the traditional honeymoon destinations…Check it out!


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