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Blog and Site General Usage Terms of Service

By accessing any website or service owned by Bridal Veil Dreams, you become a user and agree to abide by its terms and conditions. IF YOU REFUSE TO BE BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT, DO NOT USE THE SITE OR THE SERVICES. Using certain services may be subject to additional terms, which will be either listed in this agreement or will be presented to you for your acceptance when you sign up to use such services.

Bridal Veil Dreams may offer additional services or revise any of its services, and this agreement will apply to all additional or revised services. It also reserves the right to retire any of these services.

This agreement is subject to change by Bridal Veil Dreams in its sole discretion at any time. Your continued use of this site or services after revisions to this agreement will represent your acceptance of such revisions.

1. Eligibility.
To use this site, you must be at least 13 years old.

2. Use of Site and Service.
As a site user or a user registered for any of these services, you must be the exclusive user of your account. You also are responsible for any information and content you submit. You are obligated to report to Bridal Veil Dreams any violation of this agreement by others.

By using the site, you accept that Bridal Veil Dreams reserves the right to monitor information you submit and post, as well as remove this at its discretion.

You are only allowed to use this service if you agree not to post anything racist, threatening, defamatory, sexually explicit, off-topic, illegal, and the like. This also includes copyrighted content you do not own, private information that is not yours, spam or phishing schemes, and anything else that would hinder the enjoyment of the site by its users.

It is prohibited to provide false information, use the site for unauthorized advertising, or harass employees or agents of Bridal Veil Dreams. We disclaim any and all liability for loss or damage you incur through your usage of the Classifieds.

3. Proprietary Rights.
You must acknowledge and agree that Bridal Veil Dreams owns the valuable proprietary information connected to this service and site.

You will not use or change any proprietary information accessible through the service without prior written consent.

By posting on the site, you automatically grant a license to Bridal Veil Dreams to display and distribute this content.

4. User Information.
By using this site and services, you consent to the terms of Bridal Veil Dreams’ Privacy Statement.

Bridal Veil Dreams is not responsible for the use or abuse of your contact information by other users.

You agree that Bridal Veil Dreams may disclose information you provide if the law requires it, including anything that leads to suspicion of abuse.

5. Links to Third-Party Web Sites / Dealings with Advertisers and Sponsors.
The site and service includes links to third-party web sites that Bridal Veil Dreams does not control, and it is not responsible or liable for the content of these linked sites.

6. Disclaimer of Warranty.
Bridal Veil Dreams provides these services as is and grants no warranties for the services or the site. It does not necessarily endorse any content or opinions of third party content authors.

Occasionally, it will offer beta features or tools, but only offers them for experimental purposes and does not provide a warranty on their behalf.

7. Limitation of Liability.
In no event will Bridal Veil Dreams be considered liable for any damages relating to users of the services and site.

Bridal Veil Dreams and its contractors will attempt to verify information users provide, but have no liability for incorrectly verified information.

8. Indemnification.
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bridal Veil Dreams for any losses you incur related to the use of this site or service.

9. Term and Termination.
This agreement will become effective by your use of the site or services and will remain in effect in perpetuity until your account is terminated. You and Bridal Veil Dreams may terminate your account at any time, for any reason. Termination of your account does not remove content you have posted.

10. General Provisions.
You agree that Oregon law governs this agreement and any disputes arising from it.

11. Copyright Infringement Policy
In compliance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and applicable laws, Bridal Veil Dreams will disable or terminate accounts that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

12. Revision Date.
This Agreement was last revised on June 22nd, 2013.

Bridal Veil Dreams Boards Terms of Service and Conduct

We are committed to offering a friendly, supportive place where brides and grooms can share ideas, ask questions, and make friends with one another during their wedding planning and beyond. We appreciate discussion between our community members, but it sometimes turns negative.

In these instances, we encourage members of the Bridal Veil Dreams Community to self-moderate to keep the site civil, supportive, and positive! We also have a Flag feature for providing feedback to the moderation team. More about the flag feature can be found here.

Comments that violate the terms of this commenting policy may be edited or removed by the moderation team.

Commenting Guidelines for All Members
We don’t allow posts that are rude or harass users of the site.

Don’t leave intolerance or hateful comments.

Profanity is permitted for expressionistic purposes only, but please refrain from name calling or baiting.

We will ban trolls.

Users can only have one account.

We do not permit member self-promotion.

Only post photos you have permission to use.

Do not threadjack. Start a new thread for your own discussion topic.

We discourage “flounce” posts, and reserve the right to delete them for being disruptive.

Please do not reference other discussion boards for the purpose of disparaging them.

Do not repost private messages without permission.

Hostesses and moderators must be treated with respect.

Deletion Policy
Members may edit a post they create within one hour’s time. After that, it can only be deleted if you have disclosed your full name or other clearly identifying information.

Username Changes
All members are granted one username change per account.

Review of Flagged Boards Topics
If there are too many flags on a thread for the volunteer moderation team to handle, they may remove the thread until moderation is possible.

Vendor Participation on Bridal Veil Dreams
Vendors are welcome to use the site personally, but may not promote their company in any way, and they may not solicit customers or promote their business to users.  If you are a vendor and are interested in advertising on Bridal Veil Dreams, please go to the Advertise with Us link on the About Us page.

Bridal Veil Dreams Hope Chest

Terms of Use and Guidelines for usage of the Bridal Veil Dreams Hope Chest can be found here.

If you are interested in advertising on Bridal Veil Dreams, please send a private message bridalveildreams@gmail.com for more information.

If you have any questions about these terms of service, please contact Bridalveildreams@gmail.com for more information.




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