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you want to have a memorable, special wedding night. So, how do you pick what to wear? You should think about getting something that will make you feel comfortable and ultra-sexy. One great tip is to give him a menu of options for the evening itself, which takes some of→ Read more
Since Marsala is the color of the year according to Pantone, I think it appropriate to celebrate all year long. I mean, who doesn't want to participate in a year-long party? Last time we delved into this color, we covered how a bride can accessorize with it, but it's just→ Read more
It's finally happened. No longer is there a chill in the air and there is snow in sight. Brides with weddings coming up, rejoice! Now is the time to ditch those sleeves, raise those hems, and of course, show off your feet! Here are some ideas for wedding shoes that→ Read more
You're about to make the big leap, but don't jump without looking through a few color swatches first! Watch my presentation below and find out how to choose the best wedding colors and then how to put them to the best use→ Read more
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