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I had the privilege of taking a FAM (familiarization) bridal experience this past summer on the picturesque Hammock Beach Resort, a Salamander Hotel & Resort, tucked away along the Atlantic Ocean, in Palm Coast, Florida.  Because of this opportunity, I can share my personal perspective about this venue as an ideal destination→ Read more
Part of the reason of wanting to have a winter wedding is being able to take advantage of the picturesque scene snow provides. The main problem with having to venture outdoors is the cold. The bride and her party can be especially susceptible in their dresses. You have to take→ Read more
Why should your rehearsal dinner be so pretentious while dining at one of those prestigious famed restaurants? The scene is so vivid—everyone sitting around the manicured set tables while trying to enjoy the gathering with folks they hardly know. Most people would more likely enjoy each other in a casual→ Read more
Ellie & Jonah celebrated their nuptials with a mix of beautiful DIY fine literature decorations and the low-key atmosphere only a barn offers.→ Read more
Imagine a summer wedding with beautiful blue water to the horizon, blue skies, and large soft clouds. That was the day that graced Claudia and Jeremiah’s wedding in Portland, Maine.→ Read more
When you think of the Fourth of July, you picture family picnics, food on the grill, outdoor activities, and relaxation. It makes it a tempting date to plan your summer wedding! According to MSN Living, an Independence Day event also lends itself to a rustic Americana wedding theme that will→ Read more
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