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This sweet couple bravely broke tradition and changed their last names- taking on Adam’s last name Shirley, but adding Spencer before that in honour of his late grandfather. The couple actually met on an airplane on the way to Thailand as she was on a girl’s trip and he on→ Read more
It’s inevitable. You think you have planned for every possible scenario, and you’re so sure absolutely nothing is going to go wrong on your big day. And then it happens. There’s a tear in someone’s dress. A bridesmaid has taken a tumble and scraped her knee. Someone’s got a migraine→ Read more
Impress your guests with affordable and creative keepsakes that are easy to make on your own. There are various interesting ideas you can use for your upcoming wedding. If you want a unique, imaginative, and fun wedding keepsake, this DIY wedding favor by Intimate Weddings will make your wedding memorable.→ Read more
Candles have been a part of weddings and romantic occasions for centuries. They can be a fun way to share your wedding with your family and friends as well in the form of a party Candle favor. Below I have given the DIY enthusiast a way to do something yourself→ Read more
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