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I had the privilege of taking a FAM (familiarization) bridal experience this past summer on the picturesque Hammock Beach Resort, a Salamander Hotel & Resort, tucked away along the Atlantic Ocean, in Palm Coast, Florida.  Because of this opportunity, I can share my personal perspective about this venue as an ideal destination→ Read more
The couple wed at the charming Maleny Manor in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands and had a special guest - Luna the owl. Fallyn contacted a not for profit organization who save ex zoo animals, and had the owl brought in as a surprise for guests. Fallyn's florist also imported French→ Read more
Planning a wedding is a stressful and time-consuming process. In the months leading up to the big day a lot of things can go by the wayside, including any plans to eat healthy and exercise to get fit. In the month and weeks leading up to a wedding many brides,→ Read more
For a couple embarking upon their wedding-planning process the internet offers an abundance of information from real-life blogs to sleek, glamor-shot-filled websites advertising any number of wedding-vendor services. In this age of instant and infinite information, the task of selecting a wedding dress, or choosing an overall theme for a→ Read more
Wedding favors: centerpieces that are also seedlings planted and ready to take home and put in the window sill; tiny little gauze-wrapped M & Ms with the bride and groom’s initials; fridge magnets with the mother-of-the-bride’s secret recipe for spaghetti sauce. Favors can be a wonderful way to express gratitude→ Read more
You may not think a dusty shade of anything sounds attractive, but these muted shades truly have a soft elegance to them and really stand out against the rain and snow that has already begun in many areas. Dusty shades of grey, purple, rose, green, and blue are great colors→ Read more
Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry and inclement weather on the day of your wedding is a possibility. Depending upon the location and season, this could include rain, snow or even just record-breaking heat.→ Read more
Why should your rehearsal dinner be so pretentious while dining at one of those prestigious famed restaurants? The scene is so vivid—everyone sitting around the manicured set tables while trying to enjoy the gathering with folks they hardly know. Most people would more likely enjoy each other in a casual→ Read more
It’s inevitable. You think you have planned for every possible scenario, and you’re so sure absolutely nothing is going to go wrong on your big day. And then it happens. There’s a tear in someone’s dress. A bridesmaid has taken a tumble and scraped her knee. Someone’s got a migraine→ Read more
The Hulda Klager Lilac gardens were so beautiful the year. There were so many shapes and sizes, and the colors and fragrances. I purchased one that I could put into a pot on my deck so I could be sure and smell that beautiful fragrance every year. There are so→ Read more
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