When you think of the Fourth of July, you picture family picnics, food on the grill, outdoor activities, and relaxation. It makes it a tempting date to plan your summer wedding! According to MSN Living, an Independence Day event also lends itself to a rustic Americana wedding theme that will be fun for your guests and less of a strain on your budget than a more formal affair. So go ahead and put some fire into your 4th of July Wedding.

4th of July Wedding



Take It to the Great Outdoors

If you ever wanted an excuse for an outdoor wedding, this is it. Rent a park or a venue with a barn that will allow guests to enjoy the summer weather. Instead of formal dining, guests can sit at picnic tables or in outdoor folding chairs. Straw bales can create paths or provide lounge areas. July 4th is also a great opportunity for a kid-friendly summer wedding, since you can set up designated areas for outdoor games like horseshoes or a balloon stomp to keep children happily occupied.

4th of July Wedding in a Country Barn setting



It’s a Red, White, and Blue Wedding – or Not

If you want to go with the full Americana theme for your July 4th wedding, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your wedding decorations. Gingham or ticking striped table cloths in red, white, and blue make even the most basic outdoor wedding table look fresh and festive. Bunting can drape the cake table and the corners of any outdoor structures like a gazebo or porch. Your bridesmaids can wear blue dresses with red shoes, or vice versa, and your groomsmen can don checked bow ties or vests in America’s favorite shades. Flags can be tucked into centerpieces.

July 4th Wedding 3

If you want to be subtle with your wedding theme, choose either red or blue instead of both, and consider choosing a shade not found on the U.S. flag. For example, select a brighter blue that is closer to turquoise for ties and suspenders on the groomsmen’s clothing, and use mixed flowers instead of all red or all white roses in bouquets and centerpieces. Carry the casual feeling of your summer wedding by using gingham and ticking stripe sparingly, and instead incorporate canvas or burlap in a natural shade for table coverings.

Comfort foods for your Wedding Theme



Comfort Food Suits Your Wedding Theme

Brides often try to find trendy and elegant options for the food and beverages served at weddings, but with an outdoor wedding, you can go with traditional Fourth of July favorites. Ice cold lemonade and beer make quenching options, while cocktails served in Mason jars add a rustic touch. Hotdogs, burgers, potato salad, and baked beans will not only make your guests happy but reinforce that summer wedding feeling. To make things memorable, try serving mini-dogs and sliders with a condiment bar that offers more selections than just everyday ketchup and yellow mustard. Plump, in-season berries can make even the simplest desserts shine, and might convince you to forgo a traditional wedding cake in order to serve an assortment of fresh baked fruit pies.

4th of July Wedding Cupcakes

Cater to Summer Wedding Needs with Favors

Rather than offering trinkets your guests may or may not enjoy, why not reflect your summer wedding in your centerpieces and wedding favors? For a beach or lake wedding, guests may enjoy a free pair of flip-flops so they can wade without having to struggle with dress shoes. Replace standard votives in your centerpieces with citronella candles that will fend off any summer insects. Offer compact care packages with individual sized packets of sunscreen, bug repellent, hand sanitizer, and lotion.

July 4th Wedding 6

Light It Up

Half of the fun of the Fourth of July comes from fireworks displays. Talk to the venue staff to see if they regularly contract with a professional fireworks technician and surprise your guests with an unforgettable array of pyrotechnics at your summer wedding. If that’s not possible, arrange a send-off using sparklers instead of birdseed or bubbles. For an evening event, light up your outdoor wedding by stringing strands of fairy lights above tables and draping them from tree branches. Arrange for a big bonfire to encourage guests to mingle and add to the festive July 4th atmosphere.

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Whatever choices you make for your summer wedding, you can find plenty of theme ideas on wedding websites and sites such as Pinterest. Whether you fully embrace the Fourth of July as your theme or you try a more subtle approach, your guests will have a great time while creating happy memories to last a lifetime.

So go ahead and put some fire into your 4th of July Wedding.



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