The holiday season – that three month stretch including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day – conjure mixed emotions when planning a Holiday Wedding. For some this is a magical, festive and joyful time of year. For others it is stressful and busy. By and large most people will tell you they experience a little of both types of emotions. Think parties, eating, gift-giving and travel. For those considering planning a wedding within this time frame here are the upsides and downsides to a holiday wedding.

The Pros

Deals, Deals Deals
Whether you are trying to find a wedding vendor or buy a wedding gown this can be a great time of year to score some serious deals. Because the holidays are slow a lot of photographers, venues, DJs and caterers will cut prices.

Year End Means Clearance Sales
Bridal boutiques have tons of sales at the end of the year which can mean you get some last-minute scores at wedding clearance sales. This can also extend to merchandise that might be on a registry, making your guests gift-giving dollars go further.
The Spirit of the Season
There is no denying that this is a magical time of year. Everything is covered in twinkling lights and people want to be together – whether with loved ones or family or both. If you have relatives and friends who are spread far apart, you can capitalize on everyone being home for the holidays to ensure you are surrounded by all of your favorite people.

The Cons

Bad Weather
Depending upon where your wedding takes place, weather can be an issue at this time of year. Snow, ice and the dreaded “wintry mix” can snarl traffic and cause flight cancelations. This just means you’ll want to have some contingency plans for travelers – like reserving extra nights at the hotel in case they need to stay an extra day. This is also a great reason to get wedding insurance.

Expensive Travel
Thanksgiving remains the busiest time of year and Christmas is a close second. Airfare will be a little higher typically during the holidays so travelers coming from afar will be hit harder with ticket costs. Consider working with a travel agent who can help you book better packages and get the right insurance to help guests get the best deals and be prepared for any weather-related issues.

Busy Schedules and Holiday Fatigue

People have a lot of obligations to attend family and social functions around the holidays. You may lose a few folks to holiday engagements. You may also find that guests will feel more cash-strapped in a season where people are typically spending more on gifts, family meals and travel.

Regardless, many couples who opt to do a holiday wedding report overwhelming satisfaction with the results. Whether it’s weeding out a large guest list to focus on the nearest and dearest or making your favorite time of year even better – a holiday wedding can be a great idea. Visit Bridal Veil Dreams for more inspiration and resources  for making your wedding ideas realities.

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