Honeymoon: The origin of the word itself dates back hundreds of years and is derived from the tradition of providing a newly married couple with honey wine to drink – enough for an entire lunar month. The practice of a newly married couple traveling may be traced back to the trips couples – and often their families – would take to visit those who could not attend the wedding ceremony.

Today, a honeymoon is all about a chance for the newlyweds to spend some time together, relax and experience the world as a married couple. With the average honeymoon lasting around six days and seven nights and costing approximately $5,000 per couple – this is often an unthinkable allotment of time and money directly after the expensive and time consuming process of having a wedding!

Some couples will chose a destination that is more affordable to cut down on costs. Other couples will forgo the traditional honeymoon altogether and seek out different experiences than a traditional honeymoon trip.

Destination Swap
A simple swapping of locale can mean a big difference in the price of your honeymoon trip. Consider some of the following “swaps:”

• Instead of Mexico, head to Belize for soft sand beaches, tropical waters and Caribbean-inspired cuisine.
• Instead of Hawaii, check out the Philippines for crystal blue waters, delectable fish and laid-back culture.
• Instead of Venice, consider Copenhagen for beautiful scenery, art, music and delicious food.
• Instead of Paris, try Prague for breathtaking architecture, history and old world romance.
• Instead of Napa, Valley, California, try Oregon for its celebrated pinot grapes, rolling green countryside and low-key local flavor.

Spend your Way to Free Tickets
If you can swing it – try using a credit card that lets you earn mileage for airfare or other travel-related points that could be put towards two honeymoon plane tickets. A wedding costs a lot of money – a card that lets you earn points back could help you spend yourself into a pair of low costs tickets anywhere you’d like to go. These points may also go towards hotel rooms and car rentals.

Have a Honeymoon Registry
Many couples will opt to invite their guests to contribute to the honeymoon, instead of the more traditional housewares registry items. If you already have the pots and pans are would rather ask for contributions towards your dream getaway, a wedding registry is a great alternative.

Take the Road Less Traveled
Every couple is different. While the traditional honeymoon has some common elements: luxurious accommodations, drinks by the pool or just sleeping in late in plush beds – some couples have different ideas about a dream honeymoon. Some couples will chose to go backpacking through the redwoods for their honeymoon while others will simply be happy to find a spot out of the way, pitch a tent and camp out under the stars. And now, thanks to sites like Airbnb, it is possible to rent a fire lookout tower or refurbished barn. There are as many places to stay and ways to travel as you can imagine. And they are usually cheaper than booking a four star hotel.

Whatever the destination Bridal Veil Dreams can help you get there. Our list of trusted vendors includes travel planners along with a range of other resources including rentals, used and affordable wedding décor and fashion. Whether you’re working to keep to your budget or just getting started with the planning, we can help.

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