If you are like many Americans and you want to have an outdoor element to your wedding, there are so many incredibly creative DIY ideas you can do yourself to stand out and create an atmosphere that your guests will remember.

What is the best part about doing some of these things yourself? You won’t break the bank and you can spend more money on a nicer cake, dress, or a number of other big items for your big day.

Outdoor decorations and backdrops can really elevate your event. Whether you are already at a naturally beautiful location that doesn’t require very much or you are in a backyard and trying to make it look like a botanical garden, there are some decoration hacks that you have to try!

One big challenge that many outdoor spaces have is lack of enclosure. If you can’t hang things and build that enclosed feeling, there are other things you can do with the space you have to make it really nice.

In the example below, I’m going to show you an example of an outdoor wedding reception with a very vintage theme (and a low budget). The bridal party was so creative in coming up with this and I have to share!

If you are not going to have a nice plated meal or a hot buffet at your wedding, there are some other options that can elevate the plate and make it just as memorable as a nice hotel reception.

Individual DIY Vintage Basket Place Settings


  • Collect some small personal sized baskets and napkins – Pick colors that go along with your theme or paint the basket.
  • Put a coffee cup in the basket with a personalized memento inside. In this example, we have a vintage ticket with the name of the bride and groom. A tiny key is attached at the top adding a nice touch.

DIY Basket

  • Set up a DIY station of finger foods, bagged chips, etc…so that your guests can fill up their “picnic baskets” with goodies and take back to their table.

DIY Basket idea

Picture Credit:  Bethany Jeffery Photography

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