It’s finally happened. No longer is there a chill in the air and there is snow in sight. Brides with weddings coming up, rejoice! Now is the time to ditch those sleeves, raise those hems, and of course, show off your feet! Here are some ideas for wedding shoes that will keep you comfortable and help you show off your tootsies. (Don’t forget to get a pedicure first!)


jimmy choo wedding shoes

Jimmy Choo


Doesn’t it feel good to throw those boots in the back of the closet and finally wear some freeing open-toe anything? Have some fun with your footwear, especially on your big day, and get yourself a strappy pair of sandal heels. You might as well go all out and really show off your pedicure and newly-bared ankles, like with this pair of Jimmy Choo sandals featuring unique, swirly straps that will really catch people’s eye.


flat sandals wedding shoes

Nina Nadine


Ah, sandals. How we missed thee. You know, sandals aren’t just for every day wear. You can find some pretty fabulous pairs out there that would be great on your wedding day. They’re most appropriate and practical for outdoor ceremonies on uneven turf. That’s not to say, though, that you can’t also wear them if it’s warm out and you just want to be free and comfortable, no matter what kind of wedding you may be having. These Nina Nadine sandals have the right amount of sparkle and just enough of a heel to be elegant.

Foot Jewelry

foot sandals wedding shoes

PARIS by Debra Moreland


There’s something so freeing about being able to feel wet grass or warm sand under your bare feet. Foot jewelry is the perfect sparkly solution for wanting to go barefoot without going completely barefoot on your wedding day. These PARIS barefoot sandals would be perfect on the beach.

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