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Here’s how flagging works on Bridal Veil Dreams.

1.  Why should I flag something?

Flags are brief messages that inform Bridal Veil Dreams moderators about posts that are spam, offensive, inappropriate, etc. Flags let us know about trolls, double posts, posts in the wrong category, and threads that are exploding.

Our moderation team is small, so most spam is brought to our attention by members who flag posts.

In addition, flags tell us how posts are being received by the community at large. While the Community self-moderates, we take action based on the flags we see. We don’t always agree with the Community, but it’s our responsibility to remove or close a post they don’t like anyway.

Flags are a good way for you to be heard. You can use the flag feature any time you want to send a brief message to the moderation team about a specific post, whether it’s something you like or something that shouldn’t be allowed.

2. When I flag a post, does it send the person who posted it a message?

No. Flags only send a message to the site moderators. You don’t need to worry about that person being upset with you, because they will never be told that you flagged them.

3. Will flagging a post automatically get it deleted? Or get the person who posted it warned?

No, not automatically. We review every post that gets flagged, and many don’t require us to step in. The more flags a post gets though, the more likely we are to intervene. The only time this is not true is with spam posts, which we delete immediately.

4.  Do the moderators see who is flagging each post?

Yes. We get a report that shows who is submitting the flag, their message, and a link to the flagged post. We can clearly see multiple flags on the same post from one user.

Some forums leave everything to a computer-generated program, but we take the time to review the posts ourselves, ensuring that flags can’t be used to bully or abuse other members.

5. How many posts get flagged?

We have hundreds of active users on any given day, so we receive about a hundred flags every day on various posts. We review every flag, but not all warrant moderation. We aim to keep the site friendly and welcoming to all of our visitors.

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