Decor Containers are a staple at my house. As a Do It Yourself Bride, it’s good to keep important items at your fingertips where you can use them at a moments notice. For example, paint brushes and markers are good to keep available in an appropriate space, and also makeup brushes are very important for that all too important morning ritual. Especially when you’re trying to get out the door quickly for that special Wedding. So, here are a couple things you can do to make sure they are available and in easy arms length.        20160211_162221

Decor Containers.
There are so many elegant or creative containers which one can use to showcase Brushes, or pens, or even that pet Beta Fish, and these can also match your particular Décor style. Check out our Boutique by clicking here for a few fun styles.

For my Bathroom I chose a clear glass bowl and included glass beads the color of the accessories that I use in my bathroom. It is a perfect way to keep them available and not squished and battered in a drawer or case in the cabinet. They have a neat look to them and it saves time in the morning by having them readily available.

I enjoy adding artistic elements to recipe cards, as well as using markers and paints to embellish little notes to friends. So, by keeping my art brushes on the counter I can do this easily. It’s kind of like keeping a container for your pens and pencils on your desk, but just expanding on that element of artistic ability. 


I hope you enjoy these tidbits, and they help you with your decorative organization as well. Please like or share this with your brides maids or family or on your Facebook page.

Photo Credits:  Bridal Veil Dreams

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