There’s something about those old weddings that really tugs at the heartstrings. If you get excited about the idea of romantic nostalgia, and you’re on the lookout for affordable wedding ideas, you should consider having a vintage wedding.

The Color Scheme

One of the best things about a vintage-inspired wedding is the elegance. This is your special day, so you should treat it with the formality that it deserves! To begin with, the color scheme should evoke the decor of olden times. The overall wedding color should be in accordance with the season when you’re having the wedding. As for dress colors, groomsmen should have brown, beige, or green, and bridesmaids should wear a soft, nude color.

The Hair and Dress

At minimum, anyone participating in the ceremony should consider getting an older hairstyle for the event. Women had wavy hair, and often added in some kind of headpiece, such as a flower or pillbox hat. Men had a gelled hairdo.

How about what you should wear for a vintage wedding? Vintage bridal wear is a good choice. Back in the 1920s, you saw a lot of T-length gowns and long veils that trailed down the floor. Brides also wore exquisite jewelry, but you can certainly find some cheap wedding accessories that dazzle and complement your look without breaking the bank. Most importantly, you need red lipstick for that finishing touch!

For the vintage groom look, you can’t go wrong with a tuxedo, bow tie, waistcoat, and wristwatch.

The Venue

When it’s time to welcome people to the ceremony, you want the whole experience to match your vintage wedding theme. That includes vintage escort cards, table charts, centerpieces, and guest book. As for the altar, to truly capture that old-time look, your backdrop should include plenty of wooden elements. Even your sign boards can call to mind old country charm.

At the reception, consider going with a garden, barn, or country home to keep the vintage theme going. To keep the guests happy, your food and drink should be presented on vintage furniture — and make sure your bartender looks the part too! Your wedding vendors should be prepared to make it all go according to plan.

While people are eating, you can keep them all entertained with big band music or a live jazz band.

The Transportation

To cap it all off, consider opting for vintage transportation. Have you ever thought about leaving your wedding not in a modern limousine, but in a vintage Rolls Royce or even a horse-drawn carriage? You could also opt for a bicycle for two.

The most important thing is to get creative with your vintage wedding theme. If you think through the whole wedding and come up with vintage ideas across the board, you’ll be sure to have a wedding experience that’s totally unique and memorable for everyone!

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