You Need a Wedding Planner?   WHY?

You get what you pay for and you will pay for what you didn’t get?  Think about how your wedding would be with:        No consultant at all

An untrained consultant

The wrong consultant for you

Things to consider:

Did they answer their phone or at the very least have a warm welcoming message to greet you?  Did they sound professional?

Does their personality fit yours?  You will be spending a lot of time together during the planning process.  It is important that it is a good fit.  The right person for the job.

*Brides should understand that they are not just paying for time to coordinate the wedding.  They are paying for knowledge, expertise, talent, experience, as well as planning skills.

Let’s make it C-L-E-A-R!

C         Capture your vision – Does the planner understand what you want, your vision?

Creative – Is the planner creative?  Do they make good suggestions, provide solutions?

Do they have good communication skills?

How do they charge?  What do they charge?

L          Is your wedding planner a good Listener?

Do you have similar likes?  Are you on same page?

Look out for current trends.  Do they stay up on the latest and greatest?

Are they a Leader?  You are paying them to lead your team of vendors.

E          Education – Where did they receive training?  Are they certified?

What is their Industry Experience?  How long in business?

What is their Expertise?  Do they have a niche?  Specialty?

Do they Exercise Ethical business practices

A         Attitude – Are they friendly, attentive and genuinely interested in your wedding?

Does your wedding planner ask the right questions?  They should ask about your vision.

Do they pay attention to details?

Affiliations – Do they belong to professional associations.  Membership speaks to keeping up to date on        trends, staying informed and willingness to share information that   will help others.

R         Reliable – What is their reputation in the industry?

Letter of Recommendations – Ask for Referral from friends?

Do they have good industry Relationships?

Can they Recreate your vision and make the wedding of your dreams a Reality!

Deborah Moody
ACPWC Director
408.227.2792 / 408.226.0697fx

Deborah Moody

Executive Director , ACPWC

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