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You may not have considered the Netherlands as a place for passion but think again. Why? Amsterdam, the capital, is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is well known for its bouncing nightlife, candle light dinners, wines, dance bars, and discotheques. However, a night view→ Read more
As a travel agent, I am always on the hunt for the ideal place to vacation. However, now that I am a wedding coordinator, I am developing a list of places for couples who desire to wed at a unique destination. This week I want to suggest a beautiful location→ Read more
Fall and Winter weddings are exciting- beautiful landscapes, a certain kind of warmth to them even when it’s cold outside. And maybe you even get to take an extra day off of work. The not so exciting part? Having to travel to one. The holiday rush starts in November, and→ Read more
When planning a honeymoon, many couples believe a cruise to be less than ideal. It’s assumed that there is no privacy and you will have to share romantic moments with an audience of onlookers. However, creative activities such as joint spa treatments, late night deck strolls with views of the→ Read more
How about a Romantic honeymoon in South Africa? I know you may be thinking—seriously, Africa? Yes, South Africa. All the news lately about the Ebola virus is causing such unfounded fear and negative assumption about visits to Africa. Many people fail to realize that Africa is a Continent and the→ Read more
Whether you are looking for a no-frills ceremony or a grand wedding at an old church followed by a lavish ballroom reception—New Orleans can fulfill every dream a bride ever imagined. Often referred to as the “Most Romantic Destination City in America”, your guests will be wowed by the architecture,→ Read more
Not many couples consider a domestic location as a place to go for a honeymoon. They automatically look for a Caribbean resort as the place to celebrate their wedding nuptials? There are so many places in the United States that are perfect locations just as beautiful and less costly.→ Read more
Hood River Oregon is only about 60 miles east of the Palm trees (that’s correct) of Portland, OR and it is hard not to talk about the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in between. I moved to the Portland Metro and still have to admit I look forward to a summer→ Read more
One of the often-overlooked parts of planning a wedding are the travel arrangements. Transporting a wedding party including bride, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen is no small feat. There are usually multiple destination points, such as a hotel to salon, ceremony to reception, and often a detour along the way to a→ Read more
Where I grew up at in Omaha we had our share of Hollywood Movies, "About Schmidt", "Terms of Endearment", and "Election", to name a few. Moab, Utah has us beat. Yes, I know, this is a honeymoon site, but for a taste of romance and Hollywood together, this is the→ Read more
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