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The origin of the word honeymoon dates back hundreds of years and is derived from the tradition of providing a newly married couple with honey wine to drink – enough for an entire lunar month. The practice of a newly married couple traveling may be traced back to the trips→ Read more
The honeymoon is such a wonderful time in a marriage. It is the period of time that you get to spend with the loved one you chose to spend the rest of your life with right after the biggest celebration of your lives! Honeymoons for the most part mean travelling→ Read more
As a child, I found so much comfort in spending time alone away from all the day-to-day activities. My sacred space was so peaceful and not only allowed me to collect my thoughts but simply enjoy the quietness that comes with solitude. I even remember climbing trees to find spaces→ Read more
I came across an article most recently with regard to rail travel and the popularity it has gained especially with older travelers. The thought of a train journey aroused my curiosity and begin to wonder which train ride would provide the most impressive trip. A leisurely ride with a view→ Read more
I most recently came across a travel article that intrigued me so much that I not only wanted to share with you but I have now added the city to my list of European places to visit. I’m speaking of Liverpool. I am a child of the 70’s and was→ Read more
Many couples are now considering a mini-moon-- a short weekend getaway to a destination close by. Why? Often times this option is used when couples want to save for a lengthier trip or it may be that a couple has a career that does not lend itself to an extended→ Read more
I know you may not have thought of a honeymoon that involves food tastings as a romantic getaway, but you may want to rethink that notion. Food preparation and tastings can be a pleasurable experience as you will note below. One such Alaskan cruise, interestingly referred to as the Sip→ Read more
If you are going to wed within the next year and have an intellectual curiosity, encourage your fiancé to consider a honeymoon in Cuba. To me, the vacation would be a trip of a lifetime and one you will be able to share with future generations as you recount the→ Read more
When I think of the Royal Davui Island Resort, I cannot imagine a more tranquil place to enliven your Spirit and soul. An exclusive adults-only sanctuary situated in Fiji's spectacular Beqa Lagoon with luxury, elegance and privacy, and romance --the type respite needed having endured the wedding preparation process and→ Read more
Aside from your typical cruise advantages, sailings to Hawaii offer additional benefits such as renowned shore excursions which make for lifelong memorable honeymoon opportunities. Norwegian Cruise, Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity will ensure not only romantic ship experiences but adventurous shore trips that will set your honeymoon→ Read more
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