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Are you aware of all the many ways to tell that special someone that you LOVE them? Let me list them for you, so you might have a chance at instigating some spoken and unspoken sentimental Love moods of your own this Valentines Day. There are actually five different Love→ Read more
Well, it begins. My daughter and I are standing in front of the magazine rack. We use to grab for the girly magazines, gardening, or running, but to my shock she’s staring at Brides magazines. There is a young gentleman in the picture, but I wasn’t ready for this yet.→ Read more
Lets’ first define what a veil means. A veil is portrayed as a net or gauze or light fabric worn by women over the face or head to conceal the face. The act of hiding the face portrays the couple as separate and distinct, then they are united as the→ Read more
When I first began thinking of my wedding, I wanted to make it something that was all about me and my fiancé. We liked horse drawn buggy rides, and we had gone on a few on our dates, so having one was what just had to be. I ordered one→ Read more
Honeymoon getaway Hotels are always great for exciting the senses. Hotels just know how to make up a room with little gems. For example: Plush Towels and Robes It’s so nice to get out of the shower with the feel of an extremely soft Towel, and then to be able→ Read more
Many brides are very indecisive about what they want. Colors, flowers, cake flavors, or a theme. Maybe it’s like writers cramp, or maybe it’s just their indecisive ability to make a bridal decision, but when vendors are dealing with a lot of brides, you have to realize it frustrates the→ Read more
Candles have been a part of weddings and romantic occasions for centuries. They can be a fun way to share your wedding with your family and friends as well in the form of a party Candle favor. Below I have given the DIY enthusiast a way to do something yourself→ Read more
Fall has arrived with beautiful sun filled days and gorgeous falling leaves of oranges, reds and yellows with hardly any rain. Now the air is turning cold, and I have a permanent pair of gloves in every coat pocket I own, and I also can see my breath as I→ Read more
My husband and I had the pleasure of attending a very unique theme wedding at an old train station. The venue was grand with high ceilings, lavish lighting, and a historic elegance that swept us into another time. It wasn’t just the wedding venue though, but the way they played→ Read more
For children around the ages of 3 years and up, it is very important to make them feel accepted by your new soon-to-be spouse. There are many fun and memorable ways you can incorporate this into your wedding. It also helps to cement the bonding process, which is exactly what→ Read more
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