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Meet your wedding planning nemesis: the seating plan. Some couples are tempted to let dinner be a free-for-all. While this can work for small weddings, the majority does need seating plans to keep the reception running smoothly. Find out why you need a seating plan, how to develop one, and→ Read more
The ombre look: you’ve probably seen it and never knew the name. Ombre comes from a French term meaning ‘shade.’ It is anything that includes a color-shading look most popular in hair. Utilizing this fashion trend in a wedding gives you a multitude of options to incorporate wedding colors with→ Read more
One of the often-overlooked parts of planning a wedding are the travel arrangements. Transporting a wedding party including bride, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen is no small feat. There are usually multiple destination points, such as a hotel to salon, ceremony to reception, and often a detour along the way to a→ Read more
Amy Light Ramage at “Fit For Excellence” is a coach that works with Bride’s to be getting ready for their Wedding day. She has an easy month-by-month plan for your workouts that you can do online. Here is your Wedding Workout “checklist” for your Bridal Fitness Training:→ Read more
In terms of wedding decorations, few will be more closely scrutinized than your tabletop centerpieces. Guests already enjoyed the décor at the ceremony, had an “aaah” moment when you first appeared in your wedding gown, and taken in the overall theme at the reception. Your centerpieces then take center stage→ Read more
When you think of the Fourth of July, you picture family picnics, food on the grill, outdoor activities, and relaxation. It makes it a tempting date to plan your summer wedding! According to MSN Living, an Independence Day event also lends itself to a rustic Americana wedding theme that will→ Read more
If you were to sum up the basic ingredients of a wedding, you’d list a happy couple, some fancy clothes, an officiate, a few guests, music, a cake, and maybe some other food, beverages, and wedding favors. Of course, no bride wants a generic wedding. That’s why picking the right→ Read more
People generally assume a bride-to-be knows exactly what she wants her wedding to be like, from big impact items like the dress down to the minute details like the exact shade of vellum to use on invitations. While this may be the case, it doesn’t mean wedding planning isn’t overwhelming→ Read more
After finding your wedding gown and shoes, you have another important decision to make: how to wear your hair. A Glamour magazine article recently offered dozens of tempting styles for a bride-to-be, but you need to find the wedding hairstyle that work best for you. Follow these tips to get→ Read more
So, what should a Bride wear on her Wedding day? Should she look to Wedding Customs and wear something for good luck to influence the day in her favor, or encourage her fiancé’ in a positive way? Well, there is an Old saying: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something→ Read more
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