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What’s the difference between a carat and a karat? What’s the different between an engagement ring and a wedding ring? How much is a reasonable amount to spend? Buying a wedding ring can be fun, frustrating, daunting and confusing. The most important thing to remember is that there really are→ Read more
Beyond the traditional wedding accessories: something old, something new, something borrowed something blue – it can be a little overwhelming making sense of the different parts of your wedding-day ensemble. When coordinating your wedding-day look the guiding principles are: balance, harmony and a degree of natural ease. That is to→ Read more
The holidays are a far-less busy time for weddings but can be prime season for engagements. According to the style and popular culture gurus at the New York Times: While only about 7 percent of American couples choose to marry in December, 19 percent of couples become engaged during the→ Read more
Wedding insurance is one of those things that many couples flip-flop on during the planning stages. The big question becomes: is it worth it? In general, it should be something to include in your budget from the beginning. If you're planning a wedding during months that experience volatile weather, then→ Read more
How about a Romantic honeymoon in South Africa? I know you may be thinking—seriously, Africa? Yes, South Africa. All the news lately about the Ebola virus is causing such unfounded fear and negative assumption about visits to Africa. Many people fail to realize that Africa is a Continent and the→ Read more
Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry and inclement weather on the day of your wedding is a possibility. Depending upon the location and season, this could include rain, snow or even just record-breaking heat.→ Read more
Why should your rehearsal dinner be so pretentious while dining at one of those prestigious famed restaurants? The scene is so vivid—everyone sitting around the manicured set tables while trying to enjoy the gathering with folks they hardly know. Most people would more likely enjoy each other in a casual→ Read more
Relative to the hefty task of planning—and finding a way to pay for—a wedding: falling in love can sometimes feel like it is the easiest part of getting hitched. On average, a typical wedding will cost approximately $25,200 and take at least a year to plan. This includes finding and→ Read more
A wedding ceremony is a joyous affair defined by splendor, celebration and lavishness. Flowers, formal wear, feasting and gifts are all part of an event meant to mark a momentous and deeply special moment in the lives of two people, their families and friends. It’s also a big investment of→ Read more
We love to do Vendor Spotlights for those Wedding Professionals who are on the ball and doing their part to make the Wedding Day especially perfect. Here's one Company doing just that from Southern California. NINA Alterations Boutique→ Read more
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