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Pampering yourself for your big day is always fun. There’s nothing like getting your hair perfectly pinned, your makeup touched up, and of course, your nails shaped and painted just right. Out of the three, your nails may not be the one you’re most concerned about, but they take center→ Read more
For young couples, a wedding gift registry can be an opportunity to fill their home with much-needed items. In recent times couples have begun to rethink the traditional rules of wedding gifting, and the registry process.→ Read more
Who doesn’t enjoy looking at sparkly things all day long? Spring is here, and therefore, love is in the air. There’s really no better time to do a roundup of some beautiful engagement rings that embody spring. There’s nothing more synonymous with Spring and rebirth than flowers, making them perfect→ Read more
Whether it’s a little extra support around the middle or something playful to make you feel extra sexy – picking out the right bridal undergarments is an important part of assembling your wedding day look. Here is a basic primer on the many options available for firming, shaping and supporting→ Read more
Planning a wedding is more than exciting. It’s also stressful. And tedious. And downright crazy at times. Even with the help of a wedding planner and/or family and friends, there will be days when you feel like nothing is going to come together. The solution for getting you through such→ Read more
For a couple embarking upon their wedding-planning process the internet offers an abundance of information from real-life blogs to sleek, glamor-shot-filled websites advertising any number of wedding-vendor services. In this age of instant and infinite information, the task of selecting a wedding dress, or choosing an overall theme for a→ Read more
The prospect of dancing at the wedding reception can be a source of anxiety for brides or grooms of the two-left-feet persuasion. Traditionally, a bride and groom can expect to do at least one solo, slow dance for the “first dance,” which may be followed by the groom-mother and bride-father→ Read more
Every bride has her own idea of beautiful. Some brides will dream of vintage Hollywood glamor while others will imagine a natural, barely-there look. Getting the look starts with having a clear idea of what you want, collect some pictures and meet with your wedding hair and make-up vendors—if you→ Read more
So, the Question remains: Do you have your reception Catered or since your family loves to volunteer, do you have family make Dishes?→ Read more
Wedding favors: centerpieces that are also seedlings planted and ready to take home and put in the window sill; tiny little gauze-wrapped M & Ms with the bride and groom’s initials; fridge magnets with the mother-of-the-bride’s secret recipe for spaghetti sauce. Favors can be a wonderful way to express gratitude→ Read more
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