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Increasingly couples are opting to update, or forgo many traditional wedding elements in favor of creating an event that more closely fits their personalities. Everything from the bride’s dress to the ring bearer is getting an update as social media platforms help brides and grooms better research and identify the→ Read more
Since Marsala is the color of the year according to Pantone, I think it appropriate to celebrate all year long. I mean, who doesn't want to participate in a year-long party? Last time we delved into this color, we covered how a bride can accessorize with it, but it's just→ Read more
It's finally happened. No longer is there a chill in the air and there is snow in sight. Brides with weddings coming up, rejoice! Now is the time to ditch those sleeves, raise those hems, and of course, show off your feet! Here are some ideas for wedding shoes that→ Read more
History has it that in the middle ages, before the advent of the printing press, news of a pending wedding was announced by the town crier. The earliest printed wedding invitations were crafted by monks, who, commissioned by nobility wrote out individual painstakingly ornate calligraphy, reproductions of the family’s coat→ Read more
Including flowers in your wedding day look is always a good choice. There are a multitude of ways you can wear them, from classic crowns to modern cuffs. With summer fast approaching, now is as good a time as any for a bride to get her bloom on. Here are→ Read more
Of all of the decisions to be made the selection of a wedding photographer may be the very most important. When the vows have been exchanged, the dances danced and the last of the cake eaten – couples will often turn to their wedding photographs only to discover that some→ Read more
There are six million different wedding sites, each with six million different kinds of lists covering everything you should do and think about when planning your wedding. Although a fair number of these lists are good resources, I’ve often found that many of these sites are missing something. They’re so→ Read more
The average cost for wedding ceremony flowers—including bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and some décor—is approximately $1,000 to $2,000; this figure does not include flowers for the wedding reception. The range in pricing for flowers depends upon location, time of year, and the florist. Some couples will utilize the price breaks afforded→ Read more
Shopping for—and posting items to—online classifieds has emerged as an indispensable tool for the savvy bride and groom, post-nuptial. For those looking to find just the right Wedding Bargain item at just the right price, such listings can provide unique, vintage, and often very nice pieces for a fraction of→ Read more
Looks like we’re back to cake again – naturally, I’m very excited. Another season means another change in wedding trends, and that includes cake. When it comes to spring-theme wedding cakes, more often than not you’re going to see a fair share decorated with flowers of some sort. It makes→ Read more
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