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Held on a Beautiful Fall day at the Willamette Valley Vineyard. This was a stunning Wedding location showing all the beautiful Yellows and Oranges and Red tones of Fall. Their favorite pictures were the ones taken around sunset with the views of the vineyard and the clouds.→ Read more
Jenna & Mike were married at the Metropolis Country Club in White Plains, NY. This was a particularly interesting Fall day in the sense that there were spouts of rain and heat throughout the day, which made the help hop, putting up and down the tent sides about a dozen→ Read more
Weddings hold a magical place in one's heart when you share a special relationship with the couple. Matt and Michelle’s wedding possessed this air of magic. The wedding was held in a little country church called the Bell Tower Chapel, with a wonderful old organ used to ring in the→ Read more
Jared and Janice were artists at heart – Jared was a painter and Janice was an actress, playwright and comedienne. When it came time to tie the knot, the couple chose a theme and venue that echoed Janice’s passion for old Hollywood glamor. From the art-deco structured bridesmaids’ gowns to→ Read more
There is nothing quite like summer in Oregon. For Eliza and Chad's wedding there was no better setting than the farm of a close friend under a perfect July sky. Eliza and Chad’s wedding was a mix of DIY-ingenuity, quick-thinking and teamwork. Two teachers who met in the fall and→ Read more
Ellie & Jonah celebrated their nuptials with a mix of beautiful DIY fine literature decorations and the low-key atmosphere only a barn offers.→ Read more
Wedding Venues are a very important part of a Wedding Ceremony as well as other Family functions like Birthdays, and the Reception party. Many special Weddings have graced the rooms of this time honored, affordable Wedding Venue.→ Read more
Imagine a summer wedding with beautiful blue water to the horizon, blue skies, and large soft clouds. That was the day that graced Claudia and Jeremiah’s wedding in Portland, Maine.→ Read more
Ben & Sarah had a Desert Themed Wedding at the Red Cliff’s Lodge. Ben and Sarah live in Colorado, so having a destination wedding in Utah was very important to them because they wanted their friends and family to be able to stay at a nice place like the Red→ Read more
Will and Megan’s Country Wedding was a remarkable experience. From the beauty of the local orchard nestled in the foothills of Mount Hood, the location could not be more perfect for this beautiful couple. The venue was a pristine estate, known as the Schwartz Farm, just outside of The Dalles,→ Read more
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