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Hot pink is such a warm fun color. From Brides maids dresses to flowers to a Brides makeup, much can be done with this great color for a Wedding Inspiration. Disney has always dressed the Beautiful princess in some shade of pink from one time to another, but HOT pink→ Read more
A fall wedding evokes the smell of cinnamon and apples, crisp, cool air and crunchy brown leaves. A fall color palette is a cornucopia of reds and gold tones, pinks and even orange. Fall is a time of late harvest and jack-o'-lanterns, hay rides and witches. In short: there is→ Read more
How about a Vintage Shabby Chic Wedding? Here are some great ideas to help with your plans. The distressed look is kind of a favorite of mine since I adore antique’s and the Shabby Chic look. Old and new comes together perfectly, with different textures of shiny, flat, rough, and→ Read more
As you plan your Rustic Woodland Wedding, here are some Inspirational favorites to inspire and guide you. A rustic Wood Decorative tray W/ Ornamental handles works great to serve horsd'oeuvres or to display note cards for guests to write on then place in the hinged Rustic box. The Wood pencils→ Read more
When you host a bridal shower, you want the experience to fit the bride’s personality. Generally, bridal showers seem to fall on the elegant side with beautiful décor. Unfortunately, this falls on the Maid of Honor’s shoulders. Luckily, with a little creativity, you can create a beautiful bridal shower without→ Read more
St. Patrick’s Day is a much-anticipated celebration that makes all things green endeared to us. It brings out the Irish in everyone and also makes a great source of inspiration for weddings. I love the idea of adding green hues to the wedding gown and bridesmaids’ dresses, serving delectable Irish→ Read more
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