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No Wedding would be complete without a few Winter Wedding Inspirations. So I aim to please with a few suggestions from our Boutique. The frosted glass holders with laser carved snowflakes create a beautiful glow. Ideal for adding instant warmth to winter décor. There is nothing like candle light to→ Read more
When it comes to planning a wedding in colder months, you may not think that there is much in season in terms of flowers, and that the time for beautifully vibrant bouquets is over. Good news: You have far more options than you thought possible! There are actually quite a→ Read more
When you have a fall or winter wedding, chances are it’s going to be pretty cool outside, if not downright frigid. When you have to deal with dropping temperatures, one of the things you need to be sure of is that you keep your guests warm and toasty as much→ Read more
You may not think a dusty shade of anything sounds attractive, but these muted shades truly have a soft elegance to them and really stand out against the rain and snow that has already begun in many areas. Dusty shades of grey, purple, rose, green, and blue are great colors→ Read more
You're about to make the big leap, but don't jump without looking through a few color swatches first! Watch my presentation below and find out how to choose the best wedding colors and then how to put them to the best use→ Read more
Arbors are a beautiful way to create height and add texture to your wedding. Watch my presentation below to find out how to use arbors in your fall wedding in both traditional and nontraditional ways! Click to Watch!→ Read more
There's no argument that wedding invitations are critical to the success of your wedding. Besides establishing contact with all of your loved ones and helping you figure out just how many people you need to accommodate, invitations are the first impressions people are going get of the two of you→ Read more
When it comes to weddings, companies and blogs often focus solely on the bride and her bridal party. We think it’s important to shift the focus onto the groom whenever possible. After all, they are the other half of the wedding and deserve just as much attention when it comes→ Read more
Every year, Pantone determines what the hottest color of the year is going to be, and their professional color predictions for each season are highly regarded in many industries, including fashion. Pantone determined that radiant orchid was the color for 2014. Since there are still a few months left in→ Read more
The Hulda Klager Lilac gardens were so beautiful the year. There were so many shapes and sizes, and the colors and fragrances. I purchased one that I could put into a pot on my deck so I could be sure and smell that beautiful fragrance every year. There are so→ Read more
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