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Welcome your hotel guests with colorful decorative themed gift bags that will immediately create an aura of celebration. Rather than have the front desk hand them one after checking in, have a family representative present to greet them and personally hand them their gift bag.  Contents should include keepsakes, maps, treats, agenda, and of course a personal note from the couple.

Eliminate the stress of assembling welcome bags and favors. With gift bags by Pop Decor, LLC. Based in Denville, New Jersey, Sherra Jones will suggest items to include in the bags. Then she will design, package, and ship the beautiful customized gift bags to welcome your guests as they arrive for your special day. Starting at $10.00 per customized bag and a minumum of 50 bags is required. Contents are not included.  However, Sherra will shop for unique favors, treats and keepsakes.  Gift bag plus contents will start at $25.00 per bag.

Each bag is decorated with whimsical, unique, and celebratory embellishments, complemented with ribbon and tissue paper to create a stylish presentation. Upon initial contact, Sherra will arrange a time to dialog about your needs and special interests to help create a vision as well as your decor expectations. She will consider your design requests for color schemes, event themes, hobbies, and seasonal decor in the development of each product. In addition to gift bags, she can design party favors and table settings to match.

Contact Sherra at 862-222-2134 or

photo: Nautical Theme Collection Design by PopDecor LLC

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Wedding industry professionals have reported an increase in the popularity of winter weddings. Between the cold-weather deals to be had to the unique opportunities for wedding décor, winter weddings have a lot to offer.

If you’re planning a winter wedding make sure to choose a winter wedding dress that will flatter, suit your tastes and keep you comfortable.

Here are a few pros and cons, plus tips for selecting a winter wedding dress perfect for the occasion.

Pro: Sumptuous Styles

A winter wedding is all about the contrast of rich warm tones against the icy cold backdrop of the season. A winter wedding dress may be the traditional cream, ivory or white – but it doesn’t have to be. Winter wedding dresses may be made in bold colors out of luxe materials.

 Con: Harder to Find

You will have to do a little more searching to find the dress of your dreams – due to the popularity of the warm and mild-weather wedding, there will be a more narrow selection. Having said that, you may be able to alter an existing gown with a heavy wrap, veil or lining to make it cool-weather appropriate.

 Where to Look

You will definitely be able to find some great choices on the rack of most bridal boutique stores. Vintage and consignment shops may also yield a dress that is more unique and one-of-a-kind that fits the bill or will work with some cold-weather modifications. Check online clearance and gently used wedding dress sales for special pieces and great deals.

 What to Look for

A key factor in your dress will be its material. While you will want a material that is a little thicker and warmer – you will also want to make sure it is breathable and moisture wicking. Cotton, wool and silk will be your best friends – look for dresses with a lining that blends some of these fabrics for both breathability and insulation.

Cuts with Coverage

If your venue and theme echo the cold-weather season you’ll want your dress to match that theme. This means that instead of bare backs and sleeveless silhouettes you may want to experiment with neck and hemlines that provide more coverage. Think long sleeves with peep-hole shoulders and Illusion, Queen Anne, or high neck necklines.


If you plan to take pictures outside or otherwise need to kick up the warmth factor, consider some seriously fun winter accessories like a fur caplet, gossamer and wool wrap or silk gloves. Pick items made with winter performance in mind – synthetic, poly-blend pieces won’t keep you as warm while taking those bridal pictures in the snow.

 Maybe the best part of a winter wedding dress is the chance to combine some of the best luxe elements of any fancy ensemble. Think soft, substantial materials, sparkly crystal or warm gold. Finish that off with a stole or caplet and you have an ensemble worthy of a winter wonderland. For more inspiration and help, visit Bridal Veil Dreams to find a used wedding dress, connect with local vendors, peruse our sales or find inspiration from our real life bride stories.

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