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If you plan to use a DJ for your wedding reception, consider creating your own playlist as part of your wedding planning efforts. Check if your venue can play songs directly from your iPod, smart phone, or burned playlists on several CDs. Hand off the music and a microphone to→ Read more
Social media enables people to connect in ways that were virtually unheard of a couple decades ago. We use social media every day, and it’s invaded our lives in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. If you’re planning your wedding for the near future, there’s a good→ Read more
This is a one-of-a-kind wedding favor that your guests will surely love. This vintage keepsake idea from DIY Wedding Expert makes use of miniature succulent plants, cups, and saucers for a unique wedding favor. If you have plenty of extra cups and saucers at home, you can transform them into→ Read more
Spring is in the air, bunnies hopping and birds chirping, Wedding Blessings abound everywhere. So, why not make that the theme at your Wedding's head table. Here is a great DIY idea for Easter, reminding us about the richness of this earth and all the many BLESSINGS that God has→ Read more
Vibrant, energetic, and flourishing spring is upon us once again. This DIY Flower vase project by Creme de la Craft is chic, simple, and budget friendly. With just a tissue box, newspaper, fresh flowers, and several items you can find in your home, you can make your very own lovely→ Read more
Impress your guests with affordable and creative keepsakes that are easy to make on your own. There are various interesting ideas you can use for your upcoming wedding. If you want a unique, imaginative, and fun wedding keepsake, this DIY wedding favor by Intimate Weddings will make your wedding memorable.→ Read more
Making a grid with waterproof floral tape is a nice idea to get your flowers to stay put, especially if you’re arranging a few flowers only. Likewise, you can also make a grid by creating a curly willow nest inside the container. With these techniques, the flowers can be spaced→ Read more
Here’s a fun project you can do with re-purposed plates, wine glasses or glass candle sticks. A Vintage Plate Stand. Collect different plates which go with your wedding theme, as well as varying heights of wine glasses or candle sticks to create the separation between the different levels.→ Read more
To make this you need two different containers, both somewhat tall to house the wine bottle, and I like to use plastic so that it’s easier to get the Ice Wine Decanter out. The inside one should be smaller than the other. Leave about an inch of space all the→ Read more
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