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Tabletop centerpieces can range anywhere from $30 per table to $100 per table; making them a potentially hefty line item in your wedding décor budget. Having said that, wedding centerpieces are also one of the easiest items to DIY. Whether you’re wanting a traditional floral arrangement or something entirely unique→ Read more
I know you think that flowers should be used on your Wedding Day! After all, fresh flowers exude grandeur and elegance but so do other unique alternatives. This unique Flower Alternative will give your guests that "wow factor" simply by substituting textures, colors, and shapes for your decor.→ Read more
Decor Containers are a staple at my house. As a Do It Yourself Bride, it’s good to keep important items at your fingertips where you can use them at a moments notice. For example, paint brushes and markers are good to keep available in an appropriate space, and also makeup→ Read more
As a bride of Christ, I am a part of a team with my groom. But, I do have my strengths that I deal with and enjoy, and one is being a "Crafty Bride". One strength that I enjoy is doing crafty things. From Designing albums, or re-doing used furniture,→ Read more
If you are like many Americans and you want to have an outdoor element to your wedding, there are so many incredibly creative ideas you can do yourself to stand out and create an atmosphere that your guests will remember. What is the best part about doing some of these→ Read more
February is here, and you know what that means- time for chocolate! Oh, right, and love. Valentines-themed weddings abound this month, and with it comes plenty of fun and whimsical décor and food ideas.→ Read more
It’s inevitable. You think you have planned for every possible scenario, and you’re so sure absolutely nothing is going to go wrong on your big day. And then it happens. There’s a tear in someone’s dress. A bridesmaid has taken a tumble and scraped her knee. Someone’s got a migraine→ Read more
Origami cranes make for lovely wedding decorations, especially when they are created out of paper in your wedding colors. They can be placed on tables for guests to take home with them, or strung together into garlands. In Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tradition, cranes are considered good luck, and in→ Read more
If you want all of your guests to sign a wedding keepsake, consider coming up with new ways to entice them instead of the standard Guest Book. One inspired couple took their wedding theme a step further by bringing in a vintage suitcase filled with blank vintage postcards. They provided→ Read more
A new trend in wedding receptions is using potted plants, especially succulents, as centerpieces and using them for their Wedding Favors. Crafty brides paint the pots in their wedding colors, creating patterns like chevrons or a diagonal line using painter’s tape. Succulant plants Or you can color sand in your→ Read more
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