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I had the privilege of taking a FAM (familiarization) bridal experience this past summer on the picturesque Hammock Beach Resort, a Salamander Hotel & Resort, tucked away along the Atlantic Ocean, in Palm Coast, Florida.  Because of this opportunity, I can share my personal perspective about this venue as an ideal destination→ Read more

Welcome your hotel guests with colorful decorative themed gift bags that will immediately create an aura of celebration. Rather than have the front desk hand them one after checking in, have a family representative present to greet them and personally hand them their gift bag.  Contents should include keepsakes, maps, treats, agenda, and of course a personal note from the couple.

Eliminate the stress of assembling welcome bags and favors. With gift bags by Pop Decor, LLC. Based in Denville, New Jersey, Sherra Jones will suggest items to include in the bags. Then she will design, package, and ship the beautiful customized gift bags to welcome your guests as they arrive for your special day. Starting at $10.00 per customized bag and a minumum of 50 bags is required. Contents are not included.  However, Sherra will shop for unique favors, treats and keepsakes.  Gift bag plus contents will start at $25.00 per bag.

Each bag is decorated with whimsical, unique, and celebratory embellishments, complemented with ribbon and tissue paper to create a stylish presentation. Upon initial contact, Sherra will arrange a time to dialog about your needs and special interests to help create a vision as well as your decor expectations. She will consider your design requests for color schemes, event themes, hobbies, and seasonal decor in the development of each product. In addition to gift bags, she can design party favors and table settings to match.

Contact Sherra at 862-222-2134 or

photo: Nautical Theme Collection Design by PopDecor LLC

I know you think that flowers should be used on your Wedding Day! After all, fresh flowers exude grandeur and elegance but so do other unique alternatives. This unique Flower Alternative will give your guests that "wow factor" simply by substituting textures, colors, and shapes for your decor.→ Read more
Many brides find that the initial planning of their wedding was difficult because the word “Budget” forces you to think about impending expenses. Your thoughts of a dream wedding have to tailor what you can afford. Honestly, establishing a budget has to be done before any planning can take place.→ Read more
As a child, I found so much comfort in spending time alone away from all the day-to-day activities. My sacred space was so peaceful and not only allowed me to collect my thoughts but simply enjoy the quietness that comes with solitude. I even remember climbing trees to find spaces→ Read more
I came across an article most recently with regard to rail travel and the popularity it has gained especially with older travelers. The thought of a train journey aroused my curiosity and begin to wonder which train ride would provide the most impressive trip. A leisurely ride with a view→ Read more
I most recently came across a travel article that intrigued me so much that I not only wanted to share with you but I have now added the city to my list of European places to visit. I’m speaking of Liverpool. I am a child of the 70’s and was→ Read more
Many couples are now considering a mini-moon-- a short weekend getaway to a destination close by. Why? Often times this option is used when couples want to save for a lengthier trip or it may be that a couple has a career that does not lend itself to an extended→ Read more
I know you may not have thought of a honeymoon that involves food tastings as a romantic getaway, but you may want to rethink that notion. Food preparation and tastings can be a pleasurable experience as you will note below. One such Alaskan cruise, interestingly referred to as the Sip→ Read more
If you are going to wed within the next year and have an intellectual curiosity, encourage your fiancé to consider a honeymoon in Cuba. To me, the vacation would be a trip of a lifetime and one you will be able to share with future generations as you recount the→ Read more
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