If you want all of your guests to sign a wedding keepsake, consider coming up with new ways to entice them instead of the standard Guest Book. One inspired couple took their wedding theme a step further by bringing in a vintage suitcase filled with blank vintage postcards. They provided a pen and put up a sign to ask guests to write wedding wishes, and now have a fun memento that reminds them of their special day. Another printed up their own version of Mad Libs, asking guests to fill in the blanks with their well wishes. To have pictures to go with the happy sentiments, invest in a Polaroid camera and plenty of film, and ask guests to take and sign their own pictures and provide clothespins so they can clip the images to display them at the wedding reception.


If you want to add pictures to your own personal Wedding Website Bridal Veil Dreams has come up with a fun way using your own personal iphone and the iphone of all your friends and family attending your wedding and other functions. Just click on My Pics on our home page, and create your free photo & Video App for your wedding.  It’s fun and allows you to see many different perspectives of your Wedding. You could also set up a computer at the reception with the couples website uploaded and show all the pictures and videos that everyone is taking at the reception. This is great fun.

Enjoy getting creative with your Guest Book.


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