As a child, I found so much comfort in spending time alone away from all the day-to-day activities. My sacred space was so peaceful and not only allowed me to collect my thoughts but simply enjoy the quietness that comes with solitude. I even remember climbing trees to find spaces of my own where no one could find me.

That being said– wouldn’t a honeymoon in a tree house be awesome! This natural setting allows you and your partner to find solace in each other. In addition to time alone, imagine hearing the birds chirp and the sound of a stream flowing through the woods. A hike discovering plants and flowers never seen before would be an experience too. Being able to capture scenes from higher level vantage points would be mesmerizing.

I have the perfect place to consider for a honeymoon–The Treehouse Point. This beautiful establishment (B&B just out of Seattle) is located in Issaquah, Washington. There are 6 rooms (including Trillium, The Upper Pond, and The Temple of the Blue Moon) at a cost of $255 per night. The place also provides a Summer concert series and tours of a nature conservancy.

In my opinion. a stay at the Treehouse Point would be the perfect tranquil honeymoon.


Photo by Crozier Photography

Photo by Crozier Photography

Feature Image by: Alex Levine Photography

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