As a bride of Christ, I am a part of a team with my groom. But, I do have my strengths that I deal with and enjoy, and one is being a “Crafty Bride”.
One strength that I enjoy is doing crafty things. From Designing albums, or re-doing used furniture, to creating Wedding accessories. Being crafty is a gift that I give to those around me and the ones that I love.

  • One of the things I created for my wedding were party favors of lavender pouches, with seeds for each guest to plant their own lavender plant, in remembrance of our special day. I got some tulle at the craft store, or heck, I love the dollar store. Some of my most popular crafts are made by things that I find from the dollar store. This idea is no exception, because they usually have cute little tulle pouches there in the Wedding section. Although using tulle cut in a 3”-4” square works as well. 20160112_104902 Next, gather up lavender, and put it in your pouch. I love lavender, and have it growing in my back yard. It smells wonderful , and is also fun to grow inside the house. Next I tied it off and added a small packet of seeds which I placed in some saran wrap and tied in with the ribbon. Lastly, I added some ribbon and flower embellishments, and a note which read: “ Plant these seeds and when they bloom, remember the Love shared here today by the Bride and Groom.”
  • The next thing I created was a framed picture for guests to sign in. This incorporated special sentiments addressed to the Bride and Groom. We ended up having our pictures taken by a professional, then we used a 5” border around it and framed that. I placed it on an easel, then included a Silver pen for guests to write with. I used silver since the mat was a dark purple, so that you could see the words. I had a friend stationed there to help guests since the children seemed to like the silver pen, and I wanted the picture to remain nice. Here are some other sign ideas from the boutique. Click here.
  • Third, I made our own invitations.
  • Fourth, as a table center piece and décor items, I made painted purple paper balloons, and horse drawn carriage table #’s .

I enjoyed planning and being a part of the preparation. It was my way of saving money and putting a stamp on our special day. I think it’s important to do this kind of thing throughout ones marriage as well. By taking the time to think outside the box, so to speak, creating special extras for ones home and marriage is a way to say “I Love You”. Like a wreath for the front door, or decorating the mantle on the fireplace with pictures and special remembrances of a time spent together. These items welcome you home.

Point to ponder:
Don’t waste your energy worrying about not having enough money to provide things for your home because it doesn’t do any good. Build or create the things you need for these are good bonding experiences with your groom.

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My family loves to give me hand me downs, antiques they call them. My dad’s old army chest worked great for a coffee table, and those old suit cases I piled in the corner for an end table. With a little bit of cleaning and some varnish they actually looked pretty good, and they also were a ready made source for storage and conversations about my families past. Although, one fun addition that I really enjoyed was taking old clothes and cutting them in strips. I would brade them together and create rag rugs. I might be dating myself, although, they looked really cool. They had the colors that we liked and I felt like I was doing the Green thing.

Point to Ponder:
Don’t buy more than you can comfortable pay for.
Start small with your finances. Your parents didn’t get everything they own now right at the start. Creating a home comes slowly, so take your time and pursue items you can re-create to put your own special touch on.

20160114_125438 Shelves or Coffee tables are one of those things that can be inspirational when building them your own way. I love to take used décor items and re-create them. My favorite was this funky octagonal table with matching square end tables. They were a funky green stain with white marble tops. I had Cherry wood furniture and these just didn’t match but they had great potential, so I started sanding and had some Red stain and Maple stain. When I finished sanding and mixing the stains my creation was pretty close to matching the other pieces. I was pleased with my efforts and everyone else thought I had spent quite a bit for them, when in reality it think I’d only spent $25.00. There’s inspiration everywhere for creating those needed pieces, don’t be afraid to use your talents.

“Being Crafty, is an inspiration of Love.”

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God gives me a vision which causes me to invest myself in the needs of my relationship. For many Brides that vision is different than mine, and not always is my vision a crafty one. Sometimes I am led to start a new business, or sing out praises, or work on making my home a comfortable place. God leads each Bride on a pursuit to create the perfect relationship where she’s at. There is a call on our lives for this Vision, and God will show you the potential you have as a bride, to use this special gift.
Here are the things you need to do with your vision:

  • Accept it. God gave you this gift for a reason, and it’s who you are.
  • Adjust to it. Be willing to change your life to acknowledge the Vision God has for you to live within it.
  • Act on it. Do what you’re suppose to do. Be Creative!! Be your unique self, and don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Your spouse will love you for who you are and for the Vision you have to be the best that you can be and your new found relationship can be.

So, Where are you at as a Bride of Christ? What Vision has he blessed you with? Now is the time to accept it, adjust to it, and act upon it. Are you a crafty bride like me, or are your talents leaning more towards cooking, athletics, or are you a social bride, or the myriad of other talents? I’d love to hear how your talents have touched your marriage.
Philippians 4:13 says: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens Me.”

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