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A Lavender Wax Dipped Wooden One Dozen Rose Bouquet alternative.

How about a budget friendly flower alternative? I know you think that flowers should be used on your Wedding Day! After all, fresh flowers exude grandeur and elegance, but so do other unique alternatives.  I have found paper can be formed to match any bud or bloom.   While fresh flowers are grand, a handmade paper flower can display just as much prominence. The photo above is a welcome gift bag designed by my company, Pop Decor, LLC for a fall collection.  The hydrangeas displayed are handmade from metallic paper. This bag can double as a centerpiece and house favors for your guests.

You may be thinking – “How can paper capture the attention of my guests? Will my guests think that my wedding did not rival other social events?” My answer to such concerns is: “Who Cares!” You can create the “wow factor” simply by substituting textures, colors, and shapes for your decor for a fabulous alternative. Use over sized decor to capture ones imagination. Substitute other items as centerpieces such as herbs, candles, jewelry, or balloons. The idea is to be creative! Give your guests an alternative that will turn there heads to say wow!

My recommendation to many brides is to challenge protocol. Find ways to set your wedding day apart from others. Your celebration should be planned in a way that will hold memories that are dear to you. When it comes to your wedding, there are no rules.

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