Tabletop centerpieces can range anywhere from $30 per table to $100 per table; making them a potentially hefty line item in your wedding décor budget. Having said that, wedding centerpieces are also one of the easiest items to DIY.

Whether you’re wanting a traditional floral arrangement or something entirely unique – DIY wedding centerpieces may be knocked out for a fraction of the price.

 The keys to any successful DIY project are to stay within budget and avoid creating a lot of stress. Here are eight tips for making your own centerpieces without breaking a bank or a sweat.

Set a Budget

Tackling a DIY project without a budget can lead to overspending. Your budget is what helps you to balance your vision for the finished project with the resources you have set aside for the finished product. Whether it’s an Excel spreadsheet or a notebook and pen: price things out, count it all up, make conservative estimates and know exactly where you are at with spending every step of the way.

 Give Yourself Plenty of Time

There is nothing worse than tackling a DIY project at the 11th hour.  Rushing can lead to stress, mistakes and less ability to shop for deals. Give yourself ample time to design your centerpieces, price and shop for the needed items and assemble everything. When in doubt: be conservative with your time estimates.

All Hands on Deck

When it comes to a DIY project like this, the more the merrier. Ask your partner, family, bridal party members, relatives and friends to pitch in their crafty skills. Pop-up DIY-parties are a phenomenon all their own, as more couples enlist their loved ones to help with DIY wedding projects.

Pick Your Own

A lot of farms offer the option to pick-your-own flowers. This can be a great way to save some money on the flowers. Many of these farms now offer additional options with frugal brides and grooms in mind and will offer additional resources such as tools for cutting and spaces for arranging your picked flowers.

Go Big, Go Hardy

Flowers wilt, petals fall off and stems bend! Consider plants and flowers with large, fuller shapes and sturdier stems to take some of the stress out of arranging and transporting your centerpieces. Hydrangeas, dahlias, tulips, lilac, and carnations are all sturdy, colorful and substantial.

Note Storage Needs

Flowers can be tricky customers when it comes to keeping them fresh over any amount of time. Flowers begin to dry out within minutes of being cut. Keeping them in water and in a cool place will keep your flowers looking good for about six hours. Any longer than that and you may need to refrigerate. Know the relative “shelf-life” and storage needs of your flowers and plan accordingly.

Snip and Mist

Another way to help keep your flowers happy is to freshen the cut of their stem to help them continue absorbing water at their base. A gentle misting may also help depending upon the flower or other plant matter. Some plants will love it while others may blemish. Again, choosing heartier plants will make a big difference in the amount of time you’ll have that they will look good after they have been cut and arranged.

Consider Floral Alternatives

Depending upon your wedding theme your centerpiece may not be made of flowers. Fall weddings often make use of the color and items of the season: gourds and crisp crimson leaves, for example. Floating candles set into a tasteful bowl of water are a tasteful, classic standard. Some newer ideas include: framed photographs or quotes, found objects and games/activities.

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