You’ve seen the beautiful brides in glamor magazines and all over the Internet, and you want to look like that for your big day. The good news is, if you’re looking for a plus-size wedding dress, you can use the wedding tips below to look and feel amazing in your dress.

1) Go with a Drop Waist

Plus-size brides interested in accentuating their shape should consider the drop waist corseted gown. What’s a drop waist? It’s a low waistline that falls near the upper hips as a way to balance the upper and lower half of your body. This can give you the illusion of being taller and slimmer, while also accentuating your hips in an attractive way.

2) Avoid the Piecemeal Gown

Have you ever seen some brides that look like they’re wearing a Frankenstein’s monster of a dress? Maybe the gown has pieces like the skirt and bodice with totally different fabrics or textures. This can be a fashion statement, but be wary of the fact that it might call unwanted attention to certain parts of your body where the seams meet. To avoid this, make sure there’s a nice, smooth continuity between pieces.

3) Stay Away from Thin Fabric

Thin fabrics like silk or chiffon might look beautiful, but the way they lay against the skin can magnify every curve. There are plenty of other nice fabrics — such as lace, taffeta, or satin — that can be very flattering for a plus-size bride.

4) Get an A-Line

The A-line is a wedding dress that flatters all figures. It starts with a skirt that slowly flares out from a fitted bodice, ultimately forming the shape of an “A.” The A-line is perfect for women who are shorter, have a heavier bottom half, or have a wider waistline.

5) Find Something That’s “You”

You can take all of these tips and try to find the dress that matches all of them, but in the end, this isn’t a logical decision — it’s about making sure you love your dress. This is the ultimate occasion for you to indulge your tastes and go for what you truly want. If the dress doesn’t feel like “you,” keep looking.

After all, whatever it is you’d love your dress to have — such as a specific shape or embellishment — is available for plus-size figures. If cost is a concern, you can certainly find cheap wedding dresses and wedding accessories to ease the financial burden, but this is not a time for too many compromises. Get out there and find the dress that you’ll beam about for years to come!

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