Traditionally, a couple has about three weeks to send thank you notes for gifts received at their wedding. This can be a daunting task after the months and work put into planning a wedding. However, it is important not to overlook this key point of gratitude and etiquette.

Surveys of recently wed couples have found that writing thank you cards is one of the most consistently put-off or overlooked parts of the wedding planning process. It may not seem like much, but guests who put the time and effort into attending your wedding and/or providing a gift expect and enjoy getting a thank you.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to plan ahead, streamline and breeze through this sometimes trying task. Here are five quick hacks from the pros for getting your thank you notes done and out the door in a timely fashion.

Front Load

Whatever your process for getting your invitations made and sent, consider including your thank you envelopes in that process. Having a stack of stamped and addressed envelopes will be a great place to start when you do tackle the thank you notes. If you are working with a vendor to make your invitations, ask them about providing these items.

Use a Return Address Stamp

Aside from being fun to use, stamps work wonders for speeding up the process while maintaining a classic, hand-written “feel.” This is also an opportunity to get a new stamp with you and your partner’s names together. Labels are also acceptable, although most wedding planners will vote stamp for its classic look.

Use a Template

While you want every thank you to have a personalized touch, one thing that will save you time will be creating a template that can be customizable to create your notes. A good balance may be a template that includes the layout (a border, colors) and basic thank you message combined with a place for your handwritten content.

Be Organized

Track the gifts by saving cards and consider entering the info into a spreadsheet and printing out a list that you can use to remember who gave what and be sure not to miss anyone. Pro tip – work off of your original invite or RSVP list to make sure you don’t miss anyone.

Show and Tell

Another way to breathe life into your notes will be using content that brings the wedding memories to life. You can either add a photo from the wedding ceremony or reception into your template or – if you’re really ambitious and design savvy – use different photos for specific recipients. Some couples have worked with their photographer or even photo booth vendors to include meaningful photos in the thank you notes.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is you do something. Your guests will appreciate hearing from you, getting a thank you and being reminded of the wonderful time they had.  Bridal Veil Dreams can help you gather all of the ingredients you need to pull off the perfect wedding – or just help answer questions you may have.

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